• Gourmet Butchery
    Sausages, fresh, smoked, dried and wild meat
  • Svaiga Gaļa
    Jēra gaļa,Liellopa gaļa,Tītara gaļa,Medījumi,Mājas vistas,mājas olas,Trušu gaļa
  • Kulinārija,konditorija
  • Svaigi cepta maize
Wild meat
Fresh meatJēra gaļaLielopa gaļaKulinārija
Iecenu Delikateses gourmet shop offers not only our own produced top quality meat products and sausages but also selected wines, our own baked fresh bread, cheese, greens and sweets from local producers as well as real Italian espresso for our early clients. The log house concept of our shop is unique, as it has been built valuing the traditional building elements. The interior contains hand made wooden furniture, shelfs, lamps, tables and by combining these simple yet elegant elements with our Italian designer counters and tiles, we offer a shop as sincerely put together as our own produced meat goods.
addressPiparu iela 4, Iecēni, Ozolnieku novads